What should I expect from my first PT session?

Starting something new with minimal information can understandably be a little uneasy for some people.

The expectations are that the first session with a new personal trainer is a tough hour of exercise, an experience that will leave you exhausted for the rest of the day and sore for an entire week after.

At TWPT we don’t like to go straight into exercise without good knowledge of the person we are working with. We don’t want to make you run for miles if you don’t actually enjoy it and could end up being injured by it. ?

We also like to have a plan and some goals to aim for before we get started, that way were better prepared to hit your goals.

At TWPT we start with a free initial consultation, at this point we will -

* Discuss what you would like to achieve
* Set some measurable goals
* Plan a structure to your training
* Talk about nutrition and come up with a plan.
* Complete a PARQ which is a questionnaire based on your previous health and injury history.
* Take measurements (weight, body measurements, blood pressure etc)
* Talk about what you enjoy doing when exercising.

This process can sometimes take up to an hour.

So what happens when the exercise starts?

Don’t worry, the first session is never a killer. ? We need to understand a bit about the way your body moves and your general level of fitness and strength.

We ease you in to training and only up the intensity when we think you are ready.

We want you to enjoy your experience and will tailor our sessions to your needs and ability.

In my personal experience, people are often more capable than they think and are always surprised by how much they enjoy training ??