Health Benefits of Cardio?

Most people are familiar with the term cardio, it is short for cardiovascular exercise. This form of exercise focuses on improving the ability of your heart, lungs and blood vessels (the cardiovascular system) to perform efficiently.

Having a healthy cardiovascular system is a key part of living a healthy energetic life.

Here’s some typical examples of cardio -

  • Running/Jogging
  • Walking
  • Playing football/rugby
  • Cycling
  • Organised sports, tennis, rowing etc.

There are also different types of cardio, all with different intensity’s and training advantages. LISS, HITT, Interval training etc. At TWPT we often incorporate the above forms of cardio in a fun, varied and enjoyable way.

So what are the health benefits?

  • Cardio will help lower blood pressure
  • Get you moving, which will help with healthy joints.
  • Increase serotonin levels, endorphins
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Burns calories which can be great for weight loss
  • Can increase bone density.
  • Can have a social element to it.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety etc
  • Your heart will be stronger so can pump blood more efficiently
  • Daily activities will feel easier such as walking up the stairs.

As you can see there’s an immense amount of benefits for cardiovascular exercise. It’s definitely worth having a go at and if you play a sport, go for a bike ride or go hiking the chances are you already do it.

It’s really accessible and fun.