90% of people will have some form of lower back pain at some point in their lifetimes. It’s one of the most common niggles that we see at TWPT and in nearly all cases we have managed to find a form of exercise that works for the client. That is also enjoyable and effective.

Most commonly we see non specific lower back pain cases. This is where there is no specific underlying cause of the back pain. This may arise from being seated at a desk for long periods of time or from an old injury to the tissue.

We also see people who have had slipped/herniated discs in the past and help them to regain and improve their ability to move, although if you are experiencing this at this moment along with nerve pain, please go see a doctor or a specialist physio first.

In both of the above cases exercise is possible and an important part of recovery. You can still train effectively and get good results and even experience an improvement in movement and pain if you follow the right training programme and path.

Starting off small with light exercise and basic movements is key then gradually building up is an effective and safe method.

There’s always a form of exercise that works for people with previous injuries and it’s just finding out what’s appropriate for that moment in time and building on it.

Don’t be put off of exercise because of injury or lower back pain. You can still have great movement and be stronger and fitter than before.