At TWPT we love boxing training. ??

It’s an amazing addition to any health and fitness programme.

You don’t have to get in the ring to experience it. Hitting pads or a bag is great way to get the health benefits and is more than safe.

It’s fun, great for cardio, strength, balance and agility.

Its different from standard gym exercises and it’s a fantastic way to learn how to use your body. It teaches you how to move better.

Boxing gets the back moving in a safe and healthy way, so if you have lower back pain from being sat down all day, boxing is a great way to loosen off.

The best thing is it can be as hard or as easy as you want and is awesome at burning calories whilst blowing off some steam. ??

We have 3 trainers at TWPT that incorporate boxing in to their clients training where appropriate. We haven’t come across a someone that hasn’t enjoyed it.

It’s great fun, give it a go.