Health During Lockdown

During these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever to try and look after both your physical and mental health, we may have lost a certain element of control in our lives, but we have traded that for a rare opportunity to reflect, learn new skills or take up new or old hobbies. Also, there's never been a better time - or motivator - to look after our health.

This is such a positive opportunity to reflect on our lifestyles and put new habits in place that will lead to better health in the long term.

In the First of our series of blogs, we look at the effect exercises have on health whilst in lockdown.

Part two, will follow next week which looks at nutrition. With parts three and four, focusing on sleep and stress management.

Part one. Exercise

As personal trainers and "exercise specialists" this will always be our go-to area, exercise is our passion, its - usually - fun and its good for you. One thing, we hope that people take away from this situation is that exercise doesn't have to be gym based. Walking is great exercise, often overlooked, and, as a rule of thumb burns 65-100 calories per mile. That's one Gin and Tonic or one banana per mile walked. Even if you don't fancy a run, getting your steps up is an enjoyable low-intensity way to stay healthy. It won't get you as fit as an athlete, but it will keep you healthy and control your weight. Even having a crack at running or cycling can be great fun, you don't need to run or cycle non stop, walking for a bit or resting for a min is fine.

If you have space to workout at home or even have some exercise kit, it is a great opportunity to build a routine, there are so many great exercises and programs that can be completed at home, and actually, you don't need any kit to get fit. If you search online, youtube, ETC., there's plenty of good yoga or pilates workouts, its always important to search for beginner workouts. I had a go at, what felt like an advanced yoga session the other day - it was intermediate - it was too hard, and it hurt. In contrast, I did a beginner session and it was just right.

The same can be applied when doing home bodyweight workouts, don't go straight in with the big jumping movements, these are advanced and the most likely to cause injury. Start with lunges, which are tough on there own. Then build up. Progress to jumps after a few weeks to a month.

Exercise is hugely important from a physical standpoint from the strengthening of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, to maintaining movement as we get older, having our body looking the way we want or the effect on the heart and cardiovascular health (especially important at the moment.) To the positive knock-on, effects exercise has to sleep and mental health.

Exercise is a way to add an element of routine to our lives, whilst our previous routines are on hold.

Getting into the routine of exercising now, will help build lasting exercise habits that will be much easier to maintain post lockdown.

This is a great chance to improve the way our bodies move and function, we can come out of this stronger, fitter and with improved control over our health. ?

Whichever form of exercise you choose, the most important thing is you have fun and enjoy it. ?

If you need any advice, pop us an email at TWPT, we would be happy to offer our guidance and answer a few questions to help people get started.