TWPT Trainer Sam Rathmell Talks Marathon Training & Adapting After The Event Was Cancelled

A few months ago the London Marathon was postponed for the first time in its 39-year history. The latest in a long list of major sporting events that have had to take a rain check due to Covid-19, it has far reaching implications to both the athletes and charities involved. We caught up with TWPT Personal Trainer, Sam Rathmell, who had been training for the marathon for six months to find out more about the process of training for a marathon, adapting to it being cancelled and how even Personal Trainers sometimes struggle to motivate themselves to exercise!

About Sam

Sam Rathmell is one of our fantastic Personal Trainers who has been with TWPT for five years. Inspired by his own passion for training and learning to achieve his own health and fitness goals as a teenager, Sam decided he wanted to teach others and went on to do a degree in Sports Science at Loughborough University. He now helps his clients achieve their goals through one-to-one bespoke personal training.

What inspired you to run the London Marathon?

‘I spent years competing in martial arts but stopped in my early twenties and haven’t had to train competitively for a long time now. I felt that this would be a great opportunity to train and push myself physically and mentally, whilst also raising money for charity.’

Have you ran any marathons before?

‘I have completed four half-marathons. I always used to say, “You have to be fit to do a half marathon, but a bit crazy to do a full!” I still think that slightly but the more training I have done the easier I have found it.’

What does marathon training involve?

‘Typically it involves 16-20 weeks of progressively increasing the mileage and speed of your runs. I trained three times per week and mixed up the intensity and distances of my runs. Learning about nutrition and how your body reacts to foods is also very important.’

How are you feeling about the London Marathon being cancelled?

‘It’s disappointing but the safety and health of everyone is obviously more important right now. Also, the training I have done up until now has mentally made me stronger so I haven’t lost out. It will happen this year or next for me.’

How have you adapted your training routine?

‘I went from running three times a week up to 18 miles and I’m now only doing one three mile run. Just because I’m a Personal Trainer, it doesn’t mean I find motivating myself to exercise easy... When the 16 week count down starts again I’ll get back on it!’

Last year the London Marathon raised over £66 million for charities. What happens now the event is no longer on?
‘Many charities rely on the fundraising from the London Marathon and they still need the donations as much, if not more than ever. You can still donate to a runner or a runner’s charity easily. I am running for St John Ambulance as I believe they do a fantastic job! You can donate on their website or help me raise money for them via my page and I will also enter you in my own raffle!’

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