1. Planning. Whichever method you choose to lose weight make sure there is a clearly defined structure to work to, all methods of weight loss have them. Spend some time working out exactly how you’re going to approach losing weight and draw up a to do list, and tick everything off 
  2. Increase your activity. The more activity you do the more calories you burn. Any form of activity will help, from running and weight lifting to walking or even just moving around the house more. Due to Covid we’re finding some of our clients aren’t moving as much as before. We’ve recommended some useful tips to up your activity levels here
  3. Habit stacking. When sitting down in front of the TV in the evening or at the weekends, make an effort to swap out junk foods for lower calorie options or healthy options. The more you do this the more your brain will associate these two actions and a new positive habit will be formed. 
  4. Don’t get obsessed with the scales. Scales are just one metric that you can measure weight loss by and can sometimes be as much of a demotivator as they are motivating. Pay attention to other indicators that you’re losing weight. Loose jeans, belt notches, compliments, how you look and feel are all great ways of being positive whilst on a weight loss journey. 
  5. Simple tip but if it’s not in your cupboards then you can’t eat it.
  6. Try and take time to understand the process that your engaging in, it’s all too often that people trust the process and lose faith in it after the first bump. Try and learn about nutrition and exercise as you go, it will be more fun and ultimately will give you more control. Blog here. 
  7. Patience is key. To say you need stick with it is easier said than done. The reality is though that these things take time and there’s often as many low points as there’re positives. Successful results are rarely linear and if you stick with it through the bumps, you will get results. 
  8. Don’t be too aggressive with your weight loss! Going too low on your food intake or over doing the exercise sessions could prove unsustainable in the long or even short term. 
  9. Don’t expect to get it right first time. Everyone who’s successful at weight loss makes lots mistakes along the way. 
  10. It may take some trial and error. After all, a one size fits all approach doesn’t cater for you as an individual. If cutting for the first time especially, there will be the need to trial and error a few protocols to make sure your plan is sustainable and efficient to suit around your lifestyle. There are no guarantee’s so if one part of your plan doesn’t work, simply note it, and amend it until you find one that does. 

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