The supplements that we recommend depends on the individual we’re working with. Most clients we could comfortably suggest vitamin D as a useful supplement. Magnesium also, especially with regular exercisers.

The reasoning being these two micronutrients getting a recommendation is that statistically they tend to have the highest chance of deficiencies. Vitamin D through lack of sunshine - not going outdoors in the sun or lack of sunshine in winter months.
Magnesium is effected by low dietary intake, depletion due to exercise and health problems such as diabetes and kidney issues. Although it is highly likely to be deficient in magnesium in some way, a serious deficiency is unlikely.

Whey protein may get a mention not only if a client has muscle levels in mind, but also if a clients lifestyle or diet is proving tricky to get optimal levels of proteins or essential amino acids (important proteins) in. It’s quick and easy to give protein levels a boost with protein shakes and benefits health as well as clients with aesthetic or athletic goals.

Creatine, we sometimes use with clients with performance or physique based goals. Creatine is proven to enhance performance when lifting weights and can lead to increased lean muscle mass. It can make you stronger and more muscly.
We recommend this sports supplement over others as it has consistently proven to be effective in the scientific literature and as well as in my own practice - I’ve come across one none responder in 10 years of PT.

All of the above supplements we recommend have been proven time and time again to be effective or useful by scientists. Some supplements you see used or advertised aren’t always proven to be effective — its perhaps not to say they won’t work for some — but we know the above are proven to work in most cases.

There're other sports supplements that we may recommend, such as BCAA’s and beta-alanine, but this tends to be in very specific populations, that could benefit their assistance.

There’re so many supplements on the market, it’s hard to know what works or if the supplement is effective and worth the cost. Supplements are incredibly well marketed, and it’s easy to be mislead by marketing or current trends.

If you come across a new supplement and you’re not sure of the benefits or if its worth the money, search for it on it will give you an up to date view of the current science and research of the supplement in an easy to understand way!

If you would like more information on nutrition and nutritional strategies whatever your goal get in touch.