TWPT is a dedicated personal training gym in Tunbridge Wells where you’ll be paired with a personal trainer who will work with you on a one-to-one basis to tailor a workout programme that best helps you achieve your goals and see results.
At TWPT we understand that as with any relationship, it’s important you find the right match! And making sure our clients feel 100% comfortable, motivated, and actively looking forward to their sessions is our priority!
The process of matching you with the right trainer starts when you first get in touch with TWPT. You’ll be invited into the gym for a tour and to chat with one of our senior trainers to get to know you better and assess your needs.
Things we take into consideration include:
• Your Goals - we’ll ask what your main motivation is for working out and what you would like to get out of personal training.
• Your Preferences - we’ll get to know what type of exercise you enjoy (yes exercise really can be enjoyable!). If you really like weight training then we’ll pair you with a trainer who really specialises in this area. Or if you tell us that you don’t enjoy running we’ll opt for a trainer that does boxing cardio for instance instead.
• Injuries - we’ll need to know if you have had any previous injuries that may affect your workouts, this really helps us build a safe and effective exercise programme for you. All of our trainers are qualified in pre and post natal training and lower back pain, and are great at getting results for clients with previous injuries!
• Nutrition - at TWPT we have a holistic approach to health and firmly believe exercise and diet go hand in hand, so we’ll chat to you about your lifestyle, including any food and any eating plans you’re currently working with.
Once we have all this information we can then recommend a trainer that we think will suit you, but of course it’s down to you to see if it’s a good fit! Things you should consider when deciding on a trainer are:
• Their goals - it’s always great to ask what your potential personal trainer’s goals are and what they’re studying at the moment, as well as what previous qualifications they
have. At TWPT all our trainers are highly qualified but we believe in ongoing education so all our trainers are always working on something exciting!
• Planning - be prepared to do some planning with the PT before starting your workouts, a good personal trainer will always sit down and come up with a plan before starting any exercise.
• Specialisms - It’s also worth asking which areas of fitness your trainer specialises in. At TWPT all of our trainers are really well rounded as some of the most experienced trainers in Tunbridge Wells. Most of our PTs began their careers specialising in one area and have since branched out to study lots of different ways of training, which benefits our clients hugely.
• Are they funny? Not a deal breaker and we’re not claiming that any of our trainers are award winning comedians but we do believe you should enjoy your sessions so it helps if you can have fun with your PT!
Want to find out more? Contact us today to arrange a consultation