Lose weight and tone up - a common goal that we hear but how should this look for you?

A brief summary is to understand that not all your problems will get solved through one or two exercise sessions a week. There is going to need to be work done behind the scenes and away from the gym in order to achieve sustainable fat loss. This is where an autonomous plan between you and your trainer really pays off.

We’d like to stress that there are very few blanket statements that cater for the masses, however, it is important to understand that in order to lose weight/reduce body fat percentage, you have to be in a calorie deficit. This means that you have more energy going out than coming in. This calorie deficit should be at the forefront of your plan and remain a key pillar all the time you are wanting to lose body fat.

Resistance Training - To assist with extra calorie expenditure but also to provide enough of a stimulus to your muscles so you can retain muscle. When looking to  ‘lose weight and tone up’, this is actually what we’re referring to, losing body fat and maintaining or improving the appearance of muscle tissue. In order to see muscle, you have to train your muscles.

Set an HONEST deficit.
If your deficit is set too aggressive then, it runs the risk of being unsustainable and has the potential to prevent longevity in your plan. If its not enough, then you might struggle to lose fat and experience a plateau which can be detrimental to success if left unchanged.

Trial and Error - After all, a one size fits all approach doesn’t cater for you as an individual. If cutting for the first time especially, there will be the need to trial and error a few protocols to make sure your plan is sustainable and efficient to suit around your lifestyle.
There are no guarantees so if one part of your plan doesn’t work, simply note it, and amend it until you find one that does.

Enjoyment - Making a positive change to your body composition is a journey that should be enjoyed. Include foods/drinks you enjoy on a weekly basis, exercise the way you want to exercise and allow for flexibility. Being too restrictive can lead to an all or nothing approach which can cause problems if you steer away from your plan.

Eat adequate protein - This will be a key factor to help curb hunger due to proteins satiety effect. Ensuring you are consuming enough protein will help optimise retention of lean muscle tissue throughout your fat loss journey.

Patience - Try to adopt the mindset that a fat loss journey isn’t always linear and there will be days that go against the grain. It should be understood from the start that it will take time and that you must show patience when looking to lose weight.

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