Tunbridge Wells is known for its hills!! TWPT Personal Trainer Sam Rathmell shows us some of the best hills to walk, run, jog or sprint up. All of the hills are based around the local Tunbridge Wells area, give them a go!! 

Hills are a great way to mix up your usual training and there’s loads of ways they can be used in a workout. For example, you can either walk to the hill and do 10 sets of hill runs with a little rest in-between each run. Alternatively you can time how fast you can get up a hill and try and beat it and of course you can always add the hill into part of your usual run or walk. 

So what are the benefits- 

* They add resistance to jogging, running or sprinting

* Build cardiovascular endurance 

* Reduce stride length

* Burns calories

* Improve hip stabilisation

* Increase power output

* Are less likely to cause injury vs regular sprints


Top 5 hill sprints 

Hill one- Calverley 


Location- Situated at rear of Calverely park. Start at the entrance to the play park and run or sprint the 80 meters to the top

Difficult level- 5/10


Hill two- Dunorlan Park  


Location- Start at the Dunorlan fountain and leg it 250 meters to the Gravian temple. Prepare to get muddy and to have a sit down at the top 

Difficult level- 7/10


Hill three- The Common  

Location- Located on London road and runs parallel to Church road. This is a 120 metre steep climb with some twists. Set a timer to 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 second and see how far you get up the hill. Record to distance and repeat.

Difficult level- 8/10


Hill four- Broadwater down


Location- Tucked away at Broadwater down and starts at a choice of 3 locations. The school, Broadmead or Broadcroft. It’s 100 to 450 meters long but feels like it never ends! There is a post at the top for you to fall against to rest

Difficult level- 9/10


Hill five- The Beacon 

Location- Sprint, jog or walk from the bottom of tea Garden Lane to the Beacon Pub. This is a 450 metre killer! Thanks to one of our clients at TWPT Kristi Bains for this one. 

Difficult level- 10/10