1. We have your back: Having a Personal Trainer keeps you accountable and on track! It’s great to have someone to check in with and review your progress. A Personal Trainer can also troubleshoot, giving you practical advice that helps incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle. 
  2. Keeping you motivated: Hitting a goal isn’t always a simple linear process. It’s completely normal to have plenty of ups and downs, and it’s easy to go off course. A Personal Trainer will be able to help maintain motivation and adherence in ways that go far beyond simple motivational quotes. 
  3. Preventing injury and training with previous injuries: The Trainers at TWPT are great at showing clients how to exercise in light of previous injuries. What’s more, exercising in an appropriate way can even improve the way you move post-injury and decrease the chances of further injuries. A good exercise program that’s designed around you as an individual lessens the chance of injury. 
  4. Keeping things interesting: We want clients to look forward to every one of their sessions! Quite often boredom in training can come from a lack of progression in a programme, lack of goals to work towards, or the need for variety or change up in exercise sessions. Our Trainers will help you maintain momentum in your training and avoid a lack of drive to exercise. 
  5. Showing you the ropes & teaching technique: Learning how to exercise is like learning a new skill. We will select the best exercises that will suit you, and show you how to do them in an effective and safe way. Our aim is build confidence so any of our clients would feel comfortable exercising in any environment. We want you to know what to do at home or at a gym so you can exercise without hesitation.  
  6. Cutting through the noise: There’s so much conflicting information on exercise and nutrition. Our TWPT Trainers will help guide you through the noise and choose the best way to exercise for you. We will keep up to date with our knowledge, so you don’t have to. 
  7. Providing exercise guidance when getting back to health: If you have a health concern and have been recommended exercise by your doctor,  we will happily show you a safe way to get you started with exercise. As experienced Personal Trainers, we have helped clients train with a range of different health concerns. Whether it's high blood pressure, diabetes, lower back, knee or shoulder pain, we believe that people can always exercise in some way. 
  8. Making it easy for you: When you're busy, it’s hard to fit everything in. From the moment you enquire to hitting your goals, we will make the process as easy as it can be for you - all you have to focus on is putting in the hard work! Together, you and your Trainer will work out the best way for you to hit your goals and consistently guide you until you do. The best part of having a Personal Trainer is knowing that you have an appointment in the diary, which takes away the procrastination before training (a problem even Personal Trainers have!). Knowing how busy modern life is, we’re very flexible with our appointments and open at 6am until 9pm. 
  9. Nutritional guidance: If you don’t know what to eat or the most effective way to lose weight, we have some well qualified trainers at TWPT, whose nutritional qualifications range from Masters Degrees to previously working as a chef. Nutrition is a key part to results and everyone can benefit, whether it's a few tips or a full nutritional programme. 
  10. Getting results: Personal Trainers have a passion for results, we want to help you hit your goals, get fit and enjoy the process. Having the practical knowledge and accountability of a Personal Trainer will get you great results. 


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