Deciding to start with a PT is one thing, but finding the right match is another altogether. Your fitness goals are entirely unique to you, and the same goes for your trainer! You might be a seasoned gym-goer, or you may be entirely new to it all; your aim could be fat loss – but equally, it could be weight or muscle gain, or simply becoming the healthiest version of yourself. 

Whatever your requirements, at TWPT, we specialise in tailor-made personal training, so we know a thing or two about what to look out for. These are our top tips, so you can embark on your fitness journey with confidence.

Facilities & environment

Where you train is often just as important as who you’re training with. We’re particularly proud of our facilities; we’ve recently opened a second studio on Goods Station Road, and, alongside our other central space on Mount Pleasant Road, our spaces are calm, welcoming, and modern. Plus, there’s no waiting around for equipment (the gym is exclusively used for personal training) or expensive membership fee: we feel you should be able to train with your PT whenever – and however frequently – suits you.


Inclusivity underpins our approach, and we’re passionate about making sure everyone can access the support they need to achieve their goals. For example, we don’t believe that previous injuries should be a barrier to personal development. TWPT specialises in exercise-based rehabilitation, enabling you to move more freely and without pain. Or, perhaps you’re looking for support during or after pregnancy: every one of our PTs is fully pre and postnatal trained to assist you in exercising safely. We also collaborate with healthcare professionals and can make referrals where needed.

Nutritional guidance

When it comes to results, nutrition is key. Whether you’re looking to lose or gain weight (or just enhance your nutritional know-how) our PTs are happy to help. With qualifications ranging from a master’s degree to previous experience as a chef, our trainers can provide you with dietary tips and programmes to complement your training. 

A one-to-one approach

No two people are the same, and a good personal trainer will understand that. Here at TWPT, we create bespoke programmes adapted to your goals, experience, and lifestyle. We think individual is best; we offer one-to-one sessions to motivate and guide you towards achieving those aims. What’s more, all of our trainers are available from 6am–10pm, allowing you to work sessions around your schedule. 

Variety & enjoyment

Above all else, working with a PT should be fun! Maybe you fancy trying integrated boxing in your sessions, or want to get outdoors and give circuits in the park a go. Perhaps you’d like to introduce running – or maybe resistance training is more your thing, in which case, our specialists at our Goods Station Road studio can support you with form and technique. At TWPT, we try to cater programmes to your interests – after all, if you’re loving what you’re doing, you’re far more likely to stick at it!

Personal training at TWPT

Founded in 2012 as a private personal training facility on Mount Pleasant Road, TWPT strives to deliver a truly bespoke experience to help clients achieve their fitness goals. In April 2021 we opened a second studio, and, with the extra space and equipment (and some amazing new trainers!), we’re continuing to expand our commitment to provide inclusive, effective, and individualised support. To find out more and book a free consultation, click here to fill in our online enquiry form – you can also drop us a line via, or give us a call on 01892 545 400.


Article from So Tunbridge Wells September 2021 -