What are the health benefits of lifting weights?

Weight lifting or as you may have heard it by its other name, resistance training, has a lots of other benefits to it other than simply getting bigger muscles.

It is absolutely one of the best forms of exercise from a health perspective, often these benefits can be overlooked in favour of improving appearance.

So what are the benefits?

• The simplest benefit is that it gets you moving more.

• You will burn a nice amount of calories lifting weights, this will help with weight loss.

• It's great for the prevention of osteoporosis and helps strengthen bones and connective tissues, such as tendons and ligaments.

• It will make you more robust and injury resistant

• As with all training it's a great way to destress and has been linked to decreases in depression and anxiety.

• It will improve sports performance.

• Training should be fun and will improve mood.

As you can see, including some form of weight training in your week, cannot be recommended enough.