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Online Personal Training

TWPT online is our remote personal training service run by our online coach Jamie Wagland. 

If your goals are to lose weight, gain muscle or if you need the knowledge and accountability of a Personal Trainer, Jamie can provide support. 

You will be provided with workouts - personalised for you by Jamie - updated weekly to reflect your progress and supercharge your results. 

TWPT online also includes a tailored nutritional programme, that will be created to suit your lifestyle and goals. Jaime has had some amazing results with weight loss clients through our online coaching service. 

Unlike other online coaches, Jamie limits his online clients to 10 at a time. This is so he can really focus on offering a great service and get consistent results for his online clients. 

The only kit you need to get started is a phone or a laptop, you don’t need access to a gym or any kit at home to get results. 

Our Online Personal Training service includes - 

  • Full workout plans and programming updated weekly 
  • Nutritional programming bespoke to goals and lifestyle 
  • 24/7 support from Jamie 
  • Initial Zoom consultation and assessments. 
  • Weekly check in calls with Jamie. 
  • Fully personalised service every plan and programme is unique to you.

All for £125 a month.