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Pre and Post natal Training

Get the right advice to help you through pregnancy and beyond

All of our trainers here at TWPT are fully pre / post natal trained. The thing that surprises a lot of people is how much you can still do while you are pregnant! Its just a case of knowing what exercises should be avoided, how to adjust sessions during different stages of pregnancy and also, most importantly, realising that not every pregnancy is the same and that different people need different approaches.

We will not only look at what stage of pregnancy you are in, but also your fitness level when you start, any injuries or complications we have to work around and also how to make the sessions fun. You can still enjoy a full, varied and fun workout as long as we stick to guidelines and know what issues to look out for.

Trying to get your shape back after having children can be extremely frustrating. For some people that is in the first few months, for some it is five years later. Either way, all of our trainers have a ton of experience with weight loss and nutrition and we can help get you back to your pre baby shape or even better in a lot of cases!