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Sport Massage

Sport Massage

Erin is a dedicated sports massage therapist with a passion for helping her clients reach their potential. With a background in Personal Training and extensive training in massage therapy, Erin combines her knowledge of anatomy and physiology with hands-on techniques to address muscular tension, help injury recovery, improve flexibility, and enhance recovery. 

Erin believes in a holistic approach to health and wellness, tailoring each session to meet the specific needs and goals of her clients. Whether it's relieving post-workout soreness or preventing and improving injuries through regular maintenance, Erin’s treatment leaves a lasting impact on those she treats.


  • Deep tissue massage
  • Myofascial release
  • Pre and post-event massage
  • Injury rehabilitation

Philosophy: Erin's philosophy revolves around the idea that a balanced body leads to better performance. By addressing imbalances, relieving tension, and promoting recovery, she helps her clients achieve their goals while minimising the risk of injury. Erin's holistic approach considers not only the physical aspect but also the mental and emotional well-being of her clients, recognising the interconnectedness of mind and body in achieving optimal health.

Erin’s fees are:

£65 for 60 mins treatment.

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