Heres some tips to help manage stress levels in a lockdown environment, and maintain a positive mindset,

Taking control over the situation in some way is so important, own the situation and ignore the factors we can't control,

Creating a structure to your day and week can be incredibly helpful if you are still working from home or homeschooling the kids you will probably have that structure in place, however, if you’re currently at a loose end, create an exercise schedule, sign up to free online courses, reading the books you don’t normally have time for, learn a language, working on personal development or planning on what you would like to do as we come out the other side will all give you a sense of reward, purpose, and achievement that helps to focus the mind and feel good about ourselves.

Try and achieve something every day, much like setting goals for health and fitness it helps to have a target to go for in lockdown. Personally, I've focused on the goals to tick off parts of my sports nutrition course, to improve areas of my business that I usually wouldn't have time for, and to increase my cardio levels. All of which I work towards every day.

Keeping to a similar sleeping and dining routine to pre lockdown can help maintain similar levels of productivity, and routine, it's so easy to slip into the routine of sleeping in and losing most of the day and achieving less. This becomes increasingly important as we get closer to going back to work.

Catching up with family and friends is a great way to make you laugh, break up the day, and give a sense of normality, the sudden appearance of Zoom has never made it easier. Have a Saturday pub quiz and a drink has never probably never been recommended by a PT before but now is definitely a good time for it...

Just do a workout to earn the extra calories ?

To sum up, there are things in our lives at the moment that we are not in control of that we normally would be, and this can be testing but by taking control of the things we can and trying to use this time to create some positive habits going forward, we can turn this into a time of reflection and a chance to come out the other side stronger.