“Make it fun, make it quick and make it safe”, TWPT’s Jamie Wagland shares his top tips for working out during lockdown

As part of our new blog series, we’re introducing some key members of the team and finding out what they’ve been up to during lockdown. This week we spoke to Jamie Wagland, a one-to-one PersonalTrainer and Online Coach here at TWPT.

Inspired by his own personal experience, background in bodybuilding and passion for helping others, Jamie became a Personal Trainer seven years ago.

A couple of years later Jamie joined TWPT where he now works closely with clients to achieve heir fat loss, muscle and strength gain goals through bespoke personal training sessions carefully tailored to each individual.

Whilst the TWPT studio may be closed at the moment in accordance with the current lockdown measures, Jamie is one of our trainers currently running virtual training sessions to enable our clients to keep fit from home, which we think is more important than ever right now.

“I believe it’s good for the mind during these tough times” explains Jamie. “It’s also a great chance to maintain or even start your fitness journey and a great opportunity to find new ways of getting training buzz!”

What advice do you have for people who want to keep fit during lockdown? “My top tips for keeping fit while staying at home are to make it fun, make it quick and make it safe. It’s also important to make yourself accountable and don’t forget to take advantage of your hourly outside time with walking!”

How are you coping with lockdown, do you have a routine? “Very well personally, I am still semi busy with clients via video sessions and my online training intake has increased. I’m quite a positive person so I believe this is a time to recharge or learn new skills.”

What’s your routine during lockdown? “Wake up, have a coffee and read a chapter of a book before starting my day, I’m currently reading Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins! Then I usually have online appointments with clients, I workout myself, then it’s time to relax in the evening.”

Once lockdown is lifted what’s going to be the first thing you do? “I’m going to re-book a holiday that got cancelled and enjoy good food and wine!” It’s all about balance right!

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