10 Reasons to Workout with TWPT

1.We’re not like other gyms

⁣Tunbridge Wells Personal Training offers a unique approach to working out. Rather than a one- size-fits-all take on things we focus on your individual needs, experience, and aims to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Our fully equipped studios are a calm, inclusive and welcoming environment compared to traditional gyms, where you can work out in peace under the guidance of your experienced and friendly Personal Trainer. There’s no waiting around for equipment and the gym is exclusively used for Personal Training meaning you can focus on what’s important - you and your workout!

2. One-to-one attention
Upon joining you’ll be matched with a personal trainer who will work with you on a one-to-one basis in our centrally located Tunbridge Wells studios. Having the undivided attention of your highly qualified trainer means you can workout with confidence, knowing that you’re exercising in the most effective and safe way. Your trainer will also keep track of your progress, adapting your programme as needed to ensure that you’re making the most of your precious time.

3. A bespoke programme tailored to you
Rather than being left to your own devices (and sometimes a little confused) as you would be in a traditional gym after a brief introductory session, at TWPT your trainer will design you a bespoke programme that is based on your individual goals, experience and lifestyle. Your dedicated personal trainer will then work with you through your one-to-one sessions to guide, motivate and support you in achieving those aims; be that weight loss, strength training or general fitness. We believe that no two people are the same and therefore a tailored approach is necessary to generate optimum results!

4. Nutritional advice and diet plan
At TWPT we believe in a holistic approach to heath and fitness, taking into account our clients’ diet and lifestyle, as well as exercise. Our personal trainers have a wealth of nutritional knowledge and can work with you to adapt and improve your eating habits to compliment your training routine and help you better reach your goals.

5. An inclusive approach
Our inclusive approach means that all are welcome at TWPT, regardless of experience. Whether you’ve never worked out in your life, you feel that a previous injury is holding you back or you’re a seasoned gym bunny looking to take your fitness to the next level, we are on hand to help! Our unintimidating environment and super friendly trainers will be happy to chat through any concerns and work with you to create a doable exercise programme that improves your health, fitness and general wellbeing.

6. Post-injury rehabilitation
If you feel you have an injury that is preventing you from working out, fear not! TWPT specialise in exercise-based rehabilitation and work with many people who have injuries to move more freely and without pain. We are also happy to work with your consultant, physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor to create a suitable programme for you. Or vice versa refer you to one of the healthcare professionals we work with if you need additional support.

7. Pre/ postnatal training
Whether you’re keen to keep fit during pregnancy and want some professional supervision to ensure you’re following the guidelines or you’re looking to get back into shape post-baby, TWPT is here for you. All of our personal trainers are fully pre and postnatal trained and can support you with exercising safely and effectively at this time.

 8. A safe environment
In the current climate, more than ever, the health and safety of all is our top priority and TWPT is proud to offer a COVID-safe environment for our clients to workout in. As a private personal training gym we have complete control over who enters the building and we are working well below the maximum capacity guidelines set by the government for gyms. We also have several further safety measures in place, including temperature checks, hand sanitiser stations, deep cleaning and a single occupancy room available for those shielding. Please read more about how we’re working under COVID-19 here www.twpt.co.uk

9. Flexible appointments to suit you
At TWPT we understand how busy modern life can be and know that finding time to exercise can be a struggle, which is why all of our trainers are available from 6am until 10pm everyday, so you can arrange sessions that fit around your schedule and lifestyle!

10. No membership fee
Unlike traditional gyms that make you commit to long and often expensive (especially when they aren’t used!) memberships, at TWPT there is no membership fee meaning you can be flexible to work out with your trainer when and how often suits you. Some of our clients have personal training sessions every day, some just once a week, and others once a month or less just to keep on track- the choice is yours!