How do I lose weight?

Generally the most effective way to lose weight is to move more and consume less. Basically this means more exercise, whether it means walking, sports, classes or gym and to eat less food and to watch the calories in beverages. You don’t need to follow a really restrictive diet and you don’t always need exercise to intensively, unless of course you enjoy training super hard. We always work with the client to find a way to structure exercise and nutrition to fit in with each individual's lifestyle.

How does Personal Training work?

At TWPT, the process is simple, first fill in out our enquiry form with any questions attached and we will then get back to you within 24 hours,

We will answer any questions then invite you down for a show around and chat about your goals and what you would like to achieve,

After that we will set you up with a trainer who will do a comprehensive consultation - free of charge - that will plan out the best route to your goals.

Then we move on to the really fun part.....

The first exercise session we do will never leave you unable to move for several days after. We always like to take time to get used to your level of fitness and the way your body moves. This can take a number of sessions through which we will progress the difficulty in a fun and effective way.

What is the key to getting results?

The biggest key to success we find is consistency. Choosing a good plan and sticking to it.

Training flat out for three weeks and then taking two weeks off isn’t great for results. The people who are most successful with training and nutrition, generally make small changes that are sustainable and stick with them.

It’s our job at TWPT to help you find out how best to structure your eating and training, so that you will want to stick to it and most of all enjoy it.