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Personalised program for you
Personalised program for you
To help you regain mobility
To help you regain mobility
Exercises for you to do at home to speed up recovery
Exercises for you to do at home to speed up recovery


Recovering from an injury

Recovering from an injury can be a challenging experience that can lead to low motivation and difficultly getting back into exercise and going about daily tasks.
At TWPT, we specialise in exercise-based rehabilitation that is sure to get you back on your feet in no time. We’re happy to look into any injury, ache, or pain.

Our onsite Physio and Osteopath Nick Heasman takes lead in assessing and recommending treatment and works with our personal trainers to make bespoke exercise based recovery plans.
We want you to recover as quickly and effectively as possible. Our injury rehabilitation program will not only aim to improve your injury but also decrease the risk of further injury in the future.
Contact our team of Injury Rehabilitation specialists on 01892 545 400. We will talk you through your rehab journey and answer any questions you may have. We have more details on how we work below.


What approach do you take at TWPT for injury rehabilitation?

After your initial point of contact we offer a no charge consultation to talk through your health and exercise goals. At this point we may refer you to Angus Gould our osteopath if you have a new injury - to get assessed - or if you have a previous injury that your recovering from or working with another health care professional to fix, we will recommend a trainer with experience to help design an exercise programme that would be appropriate.
We have some of the most experienced personal trainers in Tunbridge Wells who combined with the expertise of our osteopath have developed proven track record in rehabbing clients back into exercise. You can have complete trust in our team to treat the majority of sports and musculoskeletal injuries in a safe and structured rehab program.


What’s involved in injury rehabilitation?

TWPT’s injury rehabilitation program is extensive and covers all bases. We work around a set of principles to make sure you get the right treatment for you:
1. Personalisation
Every injury is unique in some way. Before starting the rehabilitation program, We will give you an honest, in-depth and accurate assessment of how best to move forwards. Your program will be fully tailor-made to your needs to help you recover as efficiently as possible. If we can’t help we will refer you to a healthcare professional that can.
2. Exercise
At TWPT, we specialise in exercise-based recovery. We’re experts in curating exercises that help rehabilitate your injured joints and muscles back to health.
We often use a concept of graded exposure, essentially we start small and build up to bigger movements as appropriate.
Our exercises aren’t just designed to help you recover, but also to improve your overall fitness and wellbeing during the process.
3. Movement ability
Strengthening your muscles is only part of the challenge. To properly recover from an injury, you need to we need to restore confidence in the way you move. With our injury rehabilitation program, restoring your body’s ability to move freely without pain is our number one goal. We want our clients to go about their day to day tasks without any pain or hassle.


What else is involved in injury rehabilitation?

4. Homework
We know you hate to see it, but injury recovery is a difficult process that you need to fully commit to, both in and out of the clinic. We might recommend movements for you to do, impart dietary suggestions, or simply tell you to rest well and take it easy with certain activities. Either way, it's important for you to be 100% engaged and take it all seriously. We want you to recover as well as possible, and that includes working on yourself at home.
5. Outside consultation
If we are not immediately able to help, we will refer you to one of the many healthcare professionals we work with. If you are currently working with or being treated by any consultant, physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor, we would be more than happy to work alongside them. We have our very own in-house Osteopath, Angus Gould, who can help to restore movement and reduce pain.
6. Commitment
Rehabilitating from an injury is tough and can take a while. Because of this, our friendly team of professionals will be by your side through it all, patiently helping you recover. If you have any questions or concerns, voice them at any time. We’re here for you and we want to see you recover as quickly as you can.


Why choose TWPT?

TWPT is proud to have some of the most experienced and well studied Personal Trainers in Tunbridge Wells, and the West Kent area. Having an Osteopath as part of the team allows us to offer our clients with previous and new injuries a way to exercise safely and effectively.
We pride ourselves on our reputation and every trainer is committed to delivering the very best service for our clients.
TWPT’s gyms are modern and stocked with all the necessary equipment to improve your fitness levels and help your recovery. We love seeing our clients thrive through our services and we’re ready to help you recover from your injury.


Frequently Asked Questions

This all depends on the injury and your level of fitness. We can’t promise a deadline by when you’ll fully recover, but we can promise that you’ll see constant progress in yourself. The majority of our clients usually see improvement within a few months.

Jon TBC. Do we add an hourly rate here?

At TWPT we make sure you have an assessment from our osteopath first for any new injuries. If you’re recovering from a chronic or previous injury we would recommend booking in for a show around and chat with one our personal trainers.
We will want to learn all about yourself and your goals, this will help us recommend a Trainer who’s experience and skill set will match your needs.
From there we can start training and getting you on your way to hitting your goals, don’t worry we will always start small and build up, our trainers are always constantly assessing and reassessing to make sure the type of exercise is appropriate given your injury history.

Knowing the right exercises to do is very important. Often with injury rehab, knowing where you are and where to start is very important as if you jump forward and say start doing bigger exercises than your body is ready, this can derail any recovery process. Our osteopath will give you correct exercises to recover from i yet at home. Our trainers will show you how to do them correctly and also give you the support and motivation to do them.

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