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Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Personalised program for you
Personalised program for you
Strengthen and improve your back
Strengthen and improve your back
Exercises for you to do at home to speed up recovery
Exercises for you to do at home to speed up recovery
Friendly expert to help you through this
Friendly expert to help you through this

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common challenges that our clients face. Up to 90% of people experience lower back pain at some point in their life. We’re here to help. Our team of personal trainers specialise in training clients with back pain, so you know you’re in the right hands.
At TWPT, we will create a bespoke program to help you find a way to exercise with lower back pain.
Our friendly team of expert professional trainers are here to gently guide you through exercises specifically made to alleviate lower back pain and get you moving, freely without pain.
We can work with acute and chronic back pain efficiently and effectively. Our trainers work in tandem with our on-site Physiotherapist and Osteopath although our trainers are happy to work alongside your physiotherapist, osteopath or doctor throughout the recovery process.

If you have a new acute back injury, we would recommend seeing our on site Osteopath Angus Gould at our Goods Station Road studio.

We’re here to help you at TWPT.


Why is it important to train and maintain a strong lower back?

Your lower back is integral to your health and is the core of your body. There are a range of reasons why it’s important to keep your lower back strong and healthy. With TWPT’s personal training, we will put your lower back health at the forefront of your exercise programme - we use a system of graded exposure - essentially we will start small and gradually build up your lower back pain programme only as your lower back allows. We will help you find a route of exercise that gets results whilst managing or improving your lower back pain.
There are so many reasons why you’d want to treat your lower back:
● Weak backs can lead to chronic pain and depression
● Weak backs are susceptible to injury (like trapped nerves and muscle spasms)
● Pain and injury can significantly lower your quality of life, making every day a challenge
● Weak or injured backs constrict mobility, making it difficult to keep a healthy weight and even make the back pain worse.
● Weak backs struggle to maintain healthy posture, which further deteriorates back health


What are the benefits of TWPT’s back pain personal training?

It’s vital to keep your lower back strong and healthy. Our team of qualified Personal Trainers can guide you through exercises that are sure to effectively strengthen your back. You’ll notice these benefits within weeks:
● Back pain relief
● A stronger core
● Improved postural control
● Greatly improved mobility
● Improved mental health - boosted energy, confidence, sleep
● A strong, injury-resistant spine


What’s involved in lower back recovery with TWPT?

Our expert professional trainers provide a custom-made approach to lower back pain. We build our rehabilitation programs around a set of principles to help you recover quickly and effectively:
● Personalisation
We consult you before you begin your personal training journey with us to make completely tailor-made programs for you. Everyone has different sources of pain, different levels of fitness, and other factors that contribute to the way they recover. We all take this into account and recommend specific exercises that would help heal your pain as efficiently as possible.
● Strength and flexibility
TWPT specialises in exercise-based rehabilitation, so we prescribe a set of exercises that are designed to strengthen and improve your movement capability around your back. Not only can this ease pain, but it also promotes blood flow and mobility, which means that you’ll be less susceptible to pain in the future.


What else is involved in lower back recovery with TWPT?

● Nutrition
On top of this, we make nutrition recommendations that go alongside the exercises. Nutrition is often the key to great results in any aspect of health and fitness, so if you eat healthily you’ll recover far better.
● Homework
We know you hate to see it, but homework truly is important in injury and pain recovery. One of our team of Personal Trainers will likely give you strength, mobility, and flexibility exercises to do at home that’ll speed up your recovery dramatically.
● Dedicated Support
We understand that injury and pain recovery is a big challenge and our team of friendly experts are therefore here to patiently help you along the entire way. If you have any questions or concerns, make sure you voice them with us, our trainers are only a wats app message away.


Why choose TWPT?

We have some of the most experienced personal trainers in Tunbridge Wells who have trained and attended courses and mentorship programmes specifically on chronic lower back pain.
Our team - including our on-site Osteopath - have the experience and knowledge to properly identify the problem and prescribe a suitable exercise programme.
Furthermore, TWPT specialise in injury-based recovery. Our clients have loved all sorts of recovery programs we’ve made for them, you’re sure to love your lower back recovery program as well.
Our team of friendly professionals are a welcoming bunch who are excited to ease your back pain and bring you back to your best. Our gyms have all the machines and equipment needed, so you don’t need to worry about not having access to the kit needed for your recovery. TWPT is dedicated to your health, we’re here so that you can reach your maximum potential state of health and fitness.


Frequently Asked Questions

This all depends on your specific case -- on your injury and fitness level. Everyone is different. That being said, our clients tend to see strong improvement within 12 weeks of our recovery program. Just a few short months and you’re back to your best!

For optimal results we would recommend linking in your regular personal training sessions with seeing our on-site Osteopath. The inclusion of injury treatment from Angus and regular targeted exercise should see very good improvements.

You always want expert supervision and attention when dealing with injuries and pains, especially ones that are as significant as in your lower back. TWPT’s personal training is a wonderful, efficient way to recover. You can be confident that the exercises you do are exactly what you need and will get you the results you want in a safe, fun and effective way.

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