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Personal Training

Your Fitness Matters

Why do it?

Our Personal Trainers know exactly what it takes to get you the results you want. If you haven’t trained with a personal trainer before, it really is a completely different way to exercise. You won’t be pounding a treadmill for hours or doing hundreds of sit ups because we know that doesn’t work. We concentrate on high quality, intelligently designed exercise programs based on the latest scientific research and based on our own experience of what gets results. It is without a doubt the most effective way to train, the safest way to train and also the most varied and fun way to train.

Whats involved?

Workouts with your trainer could involve anything from weights, boxing and running to stretching, abdominal exercises or circuits in the park. It really depends on what you enjoy, and what we think will get the best results. We don’t just stand and shout at you (although we do push you hard), we make sure your technique is perfect and that you understand what you’re doing. We love interval training, functional strength training, boxing, core/abs work, kettlebells, speed ladders, bodyweight exercise. The list is endless.

Why choose us?

If you have trained with a personal trainer before, you may have realised that some are better than others. We have an incredible team of trainers here who really know everything there is to know about exercise. Whether that is training a complete beginner, training through pregnancy or immediately after, building muscle, losing weight or fixing back problems, it really doesn’t matter what you throw at us – we have both the knowledge and the experience to get you the results you want. We are a friendly, enthusiastic, energetic and approachable team that love fitness and put everything into every single session. Prices start from £50 per session, please check our 'about the trainers' page for more details on pricing.

Some people choose to train every week or even every day, others simply use their trainer once a month to keep them on the right track. We don’t charge for an initial consultation, so if you would like to book a free consultation or just want to ask us a few questions, please give us a call on 01892 545400 or drop us an email using our contact form.